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We are committed to a set of basic values while providing health care services, which are: -
Work in a group spirit
Continuous Improvement


The Armed Forces Medical Complex in Maadi aims to become the best in providing health care services, by adhering to the standards of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Control, and to become the employer that attracts the best cadres from all over Egypt.


“The Medical Complex BC provides excellent health care services to patients and those who are hesitant to it, committed to applying the highest standards of health care quality, striving to obtain the satisfaction of patients and their families and all dealers within the complex.”

Commandant of Maadi Armed Forces Medical Complex

Maj. Gen. Dr / Ihab Gamal El-Din Mahdi

We believe in the Armed Forces Medical Complex in Maadi that success does not come only from persistence and focus on innovation in health care by carrying out our tasks in the best and smartest ways, and taking advantage of the power of multiple ideas to create a better health care environment by helping patients to benefit from all this because our goal is to provide care Exceptional health for everyone and every patient at every moment and every day, and our weapon in that commitment is to apply medical, clinical, informational, administrative and financial systems that distribute administrative efficiency and reduce waste to enable us to fulfill the promise which is (medical care with international standards within the reach of everyone). It made the Medical Complex in Maadi a destination for many public figures in Egypt and the Arab world to receive the treatment that we, in turn, are keen to provide to all citizens, military and civilians, according to the same standards for all.